Student Housing

The value of living in Anna Medical College managed housing is significant. The environment and access to students, faculty, and school personnel provides a smoother and easier transition to life in Mauritius and the rigours of medical school.


The hostels of AMC are exceptionally comfortable with fully furnished rooms and amenities like mess, 24-hour security and maintenance. Students are provided Continental and Indian food at the hostel canteen.

It is mandatory that all students reside in one of the AMC hostels for their first two semesters unless given exceptional permission at the institution’s sole discretion. Hostel availability is on a first deposit – first served basis; hence, students should apply promptly when the application process commences. The Hostels are located in close proximity to the AMC campus. For all hostel students, transport will be organised to the college.

All rooms are on triple sharing basis.


Students availing hostel facilities are required to obey the rules / instructions of the Warden / Dean at all times and disobedience of the same will result in the withdrawal of hostel facilities.

Hostels are arranged in residential areas of local community and shall therefore take extra care not to cause any disturbance to the neighborhood. Smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks is strictly prohibited in the hostel rooms and premises.

The inmates are expected to keep a healthy relationship with each other and to help others in times of need. The inmates are forbidden from going to any other room if the inmate of the other room objects.

No parent or relative of the inmate is permitted to reside in the hostel. Warden / representatives of the Dean are authorized to visit and check the rooms of the inmates. If any of the students are engaged in activities that are against the local culture and tradition, they will be immediately terminated from the hostel and will be dealt with as per the laws of the land.

The inmates are expected to maintain the neatness and hygiene of their rooms and hostel premises by proper use of the rooms, toilets, bathroom and surroundings.


The inmates shall not remain in the hostel during class hours, without valid reasons. In such situations, they have to get PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION from the warden before absenting from the class.

The inmates are not allowed to leave the Hostel before 6a.m. The inmates should return back and be present in their hostel by 7:00p.m on all days except Saturday/Sunday on which they can be back to their hostel by 7:30p.m.

Late comers will not be permitted to enter into the hostel without special permission from the warden.

Only authorized visitors are allowed to meet the inmates, with the permission of the warden, in the visitor’s area only.

Stay out permission for the inmates are given only during the visit of their parents/guardians and with the approval of the warden.


Electrical Appliances

No inmates are allowed to use additional electrical equipment / appliances for personal use and if found it will be confiscated.


Fittings & Furniture

Inmates are responsible for the fittings, furniture and equipment provided in their respective rooms. Damage to such items will be realised from the inmates residing in those rooms.


Pictures & wall hangings

Picture and wall hanging in hostels and walls surfaces shall not be damaged. The walls also should not be damaged by fixing nails or any other fixtures.


Common facilities

Misuse of any of the common facilities by any hoteliers/inmates may also result in the withdrawal of such facilities.

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